Cue the Butterflies

My, have we been busy these last couple of weeks!
Below is a brief summary of our recent shenanigans.

September 2014,  Vocal Fest….or Love Fest as we prefer to call it.
We can’t say enough about the love and encouragement we received from all our friends in Sweet Adelines Region 15.
It totes blew us away!!

Last weekend we sang in a show organised by the Crystal Chords and Mark Twain Chorus both in NY.
The show was  called “Cue the Music!” .
These choruses put on a fabulous show!
There was a karaoke machine and it all played out at an afterglow and  which babershopper is not familiar with that concept??
Foreign Exchange are usually the last people to leave afterglows and of course we continued that tradition!

Our next announcement is a bit of a downer.
We are unable to attend Harmony Incorporated’s International this year. :-(
In a perfect world we would have enough time and understanding employers to attend each event but this year we just can’t do it.
We wish all the singers in Harmony Inc. a fabulous time in Louisville we will miss you tons!

This brings us to our last item.
Sweet Adelines International in Baltimore!!
We are beyond excited and nervous to attend our first (well the bass clef’s) International.
This weekend was our last rehearsal, we did manage to get a few in these last couple of months.
We’ve worked hard and are eager to get on stage and sing.
Please, if you can, watch the webcast.
We are scheduled to sing on Wednesday Nov 5th at 5:08pm (EST) Contestant #28 but please watch the other quartets too!!

We hope to meet lots of new friends, sing tags and basically just have a blast while we are there. If you are in Baltimore, please find us and say Hi!

Sweet Adelines Rock!!!

This post is way overdue!!!
We can only blame it on all the excitement and hard work leading up to our adventure into
the last frontier after which we definitely needed some time to get over our “jet lag”    :-)

Back in April we told you we were going to venture into a “new to us” organisation.
After packing up our new dresses, eyelashes and other “essentials” we traveled to Albany, NY to compete in SAI region 15 Greater NY/NJ regional contest.

We had a fantastic time!
Liberty Oak Chorus organised a fantastic weekend and much to our surprise and delight we were able to win the quartet competition!!
Needless to say we were thrilled!!

As we now look back we can honestly say that singing truly is without borders.
Both organisations we belong to are filled with wonderful women who love to sing and harmonize.
We had a fantastic time meeting new people and are looking forward to getting to know this region and it’s members better.

We are thrilled to represent Region 15 in SAI’s International contest in Baltimore MD in the fall and promise to do our very best to make it proud!



Here we are!
SAI Region 15 Quartet Champs with our coach Mike Gabriella.

Undiscovered Country….

Barbershop: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the quartet, Foreign Exchange. Our continuing mission; to explore new worlds, to seek out chords that ring and people to sing them with, to boldly go where we have not sung before.

Quartet Log: Supplemental…

After a 3 year extended shore leave, Foreign Exchange is in search of new challenges. In keeping with the prime directive, we are joining a new frontier called Sweet Adelines!

We are told it’s a friendly world full of sparkles and heavenly long eyelashes. Our long range sensors indicate that the judging system is different than what we are used to, but we are sure that they love Barbershop as much as we do. We can’t wait to sing in front of new audiences and meet other women as eager to ring a chord as we are.

At this time we are on reconnaissance to purchase matching shoes (!) and are debating dress hemlines. This is a strange new world and we are excited to explore it!

Eyelash mission in progress

Eyelash mission in progress

We compete next month in Region 15 which consists of most of New York State and upper New Jersey.  We are excited to encounter the inhabitants of this M class area.

Star date, 04.11.2014 approximately 17:20 hours, please think of us as we beam down to the Empire State Convention Center in Albany, NY. We compete against 24 other quartets and hope (fingers and toes crossed) that we can score high enough to qualify for the Sweet Adelines International competition in Baltimore.

Wish us luck as we embark upon this journey.

Computer, end log.



Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day all!

The last time Foreign Exchange sang together was in November of last year and boy have we missed each other. Thankfully Morgan drove down from Montreal last weekend and we finally got to hang out and sing for a couple of hours.
Needless to say it was more fun then we should be allowed to have.

Because all is right in our world and in honor of Valentines Day AND the recent 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ arrival to the US we would like to share one of our favorite ballads, written by Sir Paul, with you.

“I Will” by Foreign Exchange  from the album “Made In America”


written by      McCartney/Lennon
arranged by   David Harrington


T’is Summer

It’s Summer!!!
And high time for a Foreign Exchange quartet update.
We’ve been pretty busy this spring, which is a good thing.
We launched our CD in April, our chorus threw us a great release party and we’re

Sounds of the Seacoast show

Sounds of the Seacoast show

happy to report that the CD is selling well and that we’re getting great feedback!
Also in April we hosted the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella festival  where
Fermata Town placed first.
They were awesome!
At the end of April our chorus hosted Harmony Incorporated Area 2 Contest which kept us all very busy. It was great seeing all our barbershop friends and to wear our crowns.
We do love shiny things ;-)

In May we took a break.

In June we rehearsed and had 2 performances in 1 weekend.
It’s great when we get to see Morgan twice in one month.
We also submitted a video for the “Outside the Box” A cappella contest which will happen on July 15th.
We were recently notified that we are entered in that contest!
If you are in the area, the whole week looks to be a lot of fun with lots of free events around downtown Boston.
Check out the website for more info.

For now we wish you all a fantastic summer!!

Getting SO close!!!

IMG_2592Our Kickstarter Project is right on track.
We are at 75% of our goal and are gearing up for a final fundraising effort.
It’s hard to put into words how grateful we are to all of those that have pre-purchased CD’s and have made additional pledges.
The outpouring of support and the kindness of members in the singing community is humbling.
Thank you ALL so much!!!

If you haven’t checked out our Kickstarter project yet, please do so now!


Our brief brush with fame!

This is a tale of woe and discrimination towards Canadians!
Yesterday I get a message on my phone. I saw the caller was from California so I first thought it was a telemarketer. Who else would be calling me from California?
When I listened to the message, I nearly hit the floor. It was NBC calling. Yes, the TV network. They were wondering if me and the ladies from Foreign Exchange would like to audition for the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent. They were coming to Boston and wanted to set up an audition time.
OMG! I couldn’t stop giggling. We could be on TV! This was awesome!
Today I call the nice gentleman from the casting department of NBC. We have a great chat, set up the audition time and he gets all the vital details about the quartet. Then we get to the part where we all need to be American. Oh no! Although Nanda and I are Permanent Residents, Morgan is Canadian!  She cannot be a part of the show! Even a student visa would not be enough. So we sadly said our goodbyes. Our chance of fame and fortune was over. We could not even audition.
C’est la vie, eh?
What do they say, at least it was an honour to be nominated? :-(

Foreign Exchange Quartet


Exciting times ahead!!!

We are days away from starting our “Kickstarter” Fundraiser.
Over the past year we’ve recorded our debut CD called “Made in America”.

It will finally drop this spring!

We’ve had a great time recording all of our favorite songs and can’t wait to release the CD. Our target date is April 12th but that can only happen if we can raise enough funds. We have thought of some creative ways to give back to you if you donate!
Check in soon to see what we have planned!!!316388_10150354454379858_940316974_n